Chris Kiendl

Life is like building Bridges

Life is like building Bridges

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Chris Kiendl has been dealing with IT problems since 1982. For many years, he worked for a range of companies as a consultant in the area of quality management solutions. He was responsible for corporate groupware and oversaw the internationally-implemented Lotus platform as platform manager, firstly at Siemens HL since 1998, and later at Infineon. These roles involved focusing specifically on financial, availability and performance management in order to achieve cost optimization. In addition, he coordinated the development of a near-shore development and operations center in Slovakia.


In his current role at a major outsourcing service provider, Mr. Kiendl is responsible for the whole service delivery chain to major customers.


A particular focus of his work is the optimization of operations, covering all ITIL building blocks, especially the often neglected area of service delivery.